rrsIT is a growing network of remote based quality IT delivery resources and technical teams

my name is rob sherali and i am director of rrsIT, established in 2012. i come from a background in delivery, i actually started off as a visual basic developer working in a small overheated box room in high wycombe!

as my career timeline progressed, i have moved (and been moved) sideways, upwards, downwards in the IT space and held many roles in end to end IT delivery. my favourite position within a company has always been interfacing between the disparate functions of the organisation, doing what it takes to get the job done.

you can check out my work history here...

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starting up with agile - make it a no brainer!

risk is present in any IT project. some projects are clearly not suitable for such a delivery, and we will be frank about this should we feel this would not suit. a good way to start working remotely is to try us out with a project that would not come under the 'mission critical banner'. we can quote on an initial team size daily rate, and agree the size of an iteration, to set your expectations with regard to ongoing iterative costs. remember, the contract is only iteration long, so should it not work out for you - simply walk away and take the code!