rrsIT verification phase

the best bit - features review and retrospect

this should be the most enjoyable part of an iteration - the technical team look forward to demonstrating their innovations, the business enjoy seeing their feature thoughts and ideas turned into reality!

entering the check IT phase

review - the review is carried out in an hour long online meeting, the product view is shared so that everyone has the same view. the business lead the review, and walk through the features they requested, asking questions as they go. ideas and thoughts are shared, feedback breeds new ideas and possibly changes to the features.

retrospect - after the review, the team and the business discuss the good and the bad openly and honestly look for ways to solve them for the next iteration. this is a forum where negatives are expected as well as positives. no member of the team should take things personally, like anything in life where people are involved, it takes time for relationships and minds to gel.

exiting the check IT phase

reset! we have taken on board the retrospective comments and are adapting, the business has reviewed their features list and are reprioritising internally! back to the next planning meeting and start over! in time, the performance of the team increases as the understanding between people becomes stablised.

Beautifully Simple

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