initiating an rrsIT project

so you know you have a problem and need change...

traditional linear development methods may spend significant up front time analysing your organisations processes and functions. rrsIT will discuss your needs and assess the amount of vision, expectation and known requirements at a high level only. if you know what you want, tell us, and we will work together to break down features into small deliverables and produce them iteratively until your ideas are translated into a working solution. if, on the other hand, you do not have a clear vision and you need some suggestions, then we will assert a solution, you will refine as we showcase ideas and features we dont spend too much time on. once the idea and prefered solution emerges, we will add the detail as you determine it.

entering the intiation phase

rrsIT will work through a lightweight checklist to determine and assess readiness, need and approach. Some of the key areas to be addressed are:

  • - vision and requirement depth
  • - key individuals and roles
  • - project approach
  • - communication and tools
  • - timeframe requirements
  • - financial constraints
  • - technical constraints
  • - other constraints

exiting the initiation phase

once everyone is happy with the agreed approach we will document and baseline the checklist with agreements and arrange a date for the first iteration. there will be a break between this phase and the first iteration as the following will need to be set up:

  • - setup and briefing to technical team
  • - technical framework setup
  • - project repository and users setup
  • - tools setup
  • - further business elaboration of features
  • - first iteration contract payment

Beautifully Simple

Trusted by millions of people from all over the world, Trello is the flexible, visual way to manage your projects and organize anything. rrsIT make use of Trello to manage and monitor the coordinated delivery of IT solutions.

Beyond Rapid Development

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