supporting your IT...

areas of risk in your IT applications catalogue?

applications and software support can be expensive. unless your business is software, the likelihood is that you don't have an army of IT people sitting by waiting for something to go wrong to jump on it. if your original developers or service offer good support options then great, but if you have lost touch and need fixes, investigations and changes carried out on an adhoc basis, the various options can divert you from the real work you need to carry out in your business. rrsIT can help. we work with you to develop a workable adhoc framework of support, and source remote freelancers who are willing to support your application sets. this is not without its challenges, and by no means suitable for every business, but is an avenue worth at least exploring if you cannot afford to run dedicated support contracts or have full time staff for the unknown.

adhoc support setup

rrsIT will consult with you to work through a lightweight checklist to determine and assess readiness, need and approach. Some of the key areas to be addressed are:

  • - software support requirements
  • - risks and impacts to business
  • - security and legal constraints
  • - determine options for support SLA
  • - plan, resource and estimate adhoc support framework

Beautifully Simple

Trusted by millions of people from all over the world, Trello is the flexible, visual way to manage your projects and organize anything. rrsIT make use of Trello to manage and monitor the coordinated delivery of IT solutions.

Beyond Rapid Development

OutSystems provides the only open, high-productivity application platform (PaaS) that makes it easy to create, deploy and manage enterprise mobile and web applications - helping IT deliver innovative business solutions fast. OutSystems Platform enables rapid delivery of beautiful applications for all devices utilizing responsive or device-specific web design. The Platform empowers IT to attack changing business requirements by automating core DevOps best practices such as continuous integration and delivery. It is available as a public cloud, private cloud and on-premises solution. Hundreds of companies in 25 countries across 21 industries use OutSystems Platform to create and deliver custom, mission critical applications.